Railway accident and incident investigations

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DateOccurrence typeLocation nameCountryFatalitiesTotal serious injuriesReport TypeReccs
06/04/2020Fire in RSAugustin- RacosRomania10Notification0
23/03/2020Fire in RSUtvinisu Nou - SantanaRomania00Notification0
27/02/2020Fire in RSAghires - StanaRomania00Notification0
25/01/2020Fire in RSMerisor_BanitaRomania00Notification0
15/01/2020Fire in RSMendeHungary00Notification0
26/11/2019Fire in RSMaldaeni - MihaestiRomania00Notification0
27/10/2019Fire in RSIsalnitaRomania00Notification0
19/10/2019Fire in RSBerlin Zoologischer Garten - Berlin Hauptbahnhof-Lehrter Bf (Stadtb)Germany00Notification0
17/10/2019Fire in RSCluj Napoca - BaciuRomania00Notification0
17/09/2019Fire in RSBucuresti - VartejuRomania00Notification0
14/08/2019Fire in RSConstanta Port B - PalasRomania00Notification0
11/08/2019Fire in RS Belovo – Kostenets railway sectionBulgaria00Final report4
07/08/2019Fire in RSBudaRomania00Notification0
31/07/2019Fire in RSAlexandria - PloscaRomania00Notification0
11/05/2019Fire in RSÖrvényesHungary00Final report0
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