Railway accident and incident investigations

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DateOccurrence typeLocation nameCountryFatalitiesTotal serious injuriesReport TypeReccs
05/01/2016Broken railsQueens ParkUnited Kingdom00Final report3
14/09/2012Broken railsCorby GlenUnited Kingdom00Final report5
27/02/2012Broken railsCH 203+000 (Lianokladi)Greece  Notification0
03/03/2011Broken railsOpen line Orbeni - Faraoani belongs to Iasi Railway County on the east of Romanian Railway Network.Romania  Final report4
09/02/2011Broken railsLine 120: Lokoshaza stationHungary00Final report0
31/08/2008Broken railsAt km 11.5 on Gardermobanen inside the Romeriksporten tunnelNorway  Final report0
05/01/2006Broken railsUrchfont, KenningtonUnited Kingdom  Final report6
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