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DateOccurrence typeLocation nameCountryFatalitiesTotal serious injuriesReport TypeReccs
16/05/2020Level crossing accidentopen line between Hnojník station and Horní Tošanovice railway stopCzech Republic01Notification0
14/05/2020Level crossing accidentMänttä-Vilppula, Kulmala level crossingFinland00Notification0
29/04/2020Level crossing accidentCastlebarIreland00Notification0
29/04/2020Level crossing accidentTegleverket Railroad crossing, BratsberbanenNorway00Notification0
29/04/2020Level crossing accidentBolechowo - Murowana GoslinaPoland05Notification0
27/04/2020Level crossing accidentthe level crossing No. P647 between Hermanova Hut operating control point and Nýrany stationCzech Republic32Notification0
04/04/2020Level crossing accidentOpen line between station Ilmaja – Kalvene 00Notification0
05/03/2020Level crossing accidentHoforsSweden00Notification0
21/02/2020Level crossing accidentopen line between Slibovice and Berunice railway stopsCzech Republic01Notification0
21/02/2020Level crossing accidentlevel crossing No. P5737 between Dobríš and Malá Hraštice stationsCzech Republic00Notification0
17/02/2020Level crossing accidentsection Czerwonak - BolechowoPoland00Notification0
16/02/2020Level crossing accidentKatonatelep SR1Hungary21Notification0
28/01/2020Level crossing accidentVikersund level crossingNorway10Notification0
12/11/2019Level crossing accidentLevel crossingBulgaria01Notification0
20/10/2019Level crossing accidentthe level crossing No. P6803 between Rájec-Jestrebí and Blansko stationsCzech Republic00Notification0
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