Latest investigations

10/01/2019Fire in RS, 10-01-19, Cernavoda Pod (Romania)
10/01/2019Trains collision with an obstacle, 10-01-19, Liberec station (Czech Republic)
09/01/2019Unauthorised train movement other than SPAD, 09-01-19, Leština u Svetlé station (Czech Republic)
08/01/2019Level crossing near miss, 08-01-19, Lugoj (Romania)
03/01/2019Train derailment, 03-01-19, Fetesti (Romania)

New recommendations

Issued onTitle
21/01/2019Title 1
15/01/2019Rec- 2019/01 - Infrastructure Manager's maintenance procedures, staff training and control of service providers
15/01/2019Rec - 2019/02: Supervision of the infrastructure manager's safety management system by the NSA
15/01/2019Rec - 2019/01: Railway Undertaking SGS procedures to ensure that the vehicles on its trains are fit for purpose
15/01/2019Rec - 2019/04: Supervision by the NSA of the use conditions of Uacs 83 71 930 5 XXX-X wagons


16/05/2017CSI 2016 data form available
22/07/2015System upgrade and transfer to the Agency servers
On 22/07/2015 the ERAIL production system was successfully upgraded to version 5.1 and moved to the Agency servers.
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