Latest investigations

29/04/2016Trains collision, 29-04-16, Alnabru terminal (Norway)
26/04/2016Train derailment, 26-04-16, Craiova (Romania)
22/04/2016Train derailment, 22-04-16, Zalau Nord (Romania)
19/04/2016Accident to persons caused by RS in motion, 19-04-16, Suchdol nad Odrou station, DKV Olomouc siding (Czech Republic)
18/04/2016Train derailment, 18-04-16, Galgau (Romania)

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Trains collision, 29-04-16, Alnabru terminal (Norway)Train derailment, 26-04-16, Craiova (Romania)Fire in RS, 13-04-16, Aytos - Chernograd intersection (Bulgaria)Train derailment, 31-03-16, Budapest, Fővám tér (Hungary)Level crossing accident, 30-03-16, Fauske station (Norway)Trains collision with an obstacle, 22-03-16, Kokkola, Matkaneva, Seinäjoki–Ylivieska section of line (Finland)Level crossing accident, 21-03-16, Golčův Jeníkov město - Golčův Jeníkov stations (Czech Republic)Spad, 07-03-16, Mosonszolnok station (Hungary)Runaway, 26-02-16, Sinsen (Norway)Level crossing accident, 23-02-16, Dalfsen (The Netherlands)

New recommendations

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05/05/2016Title 1
05/05/2016Title 2
05/05/2016Title 3
20/04/2016Opremanje ŽCP-a Upgrading protection on the level crossing
20/04/2016Dopuna prometne signalizacije Amendment traffic signals


22/07/2015System upgrade and transfer to the Agency servers
On 22/07/2015 the ERAIL production system was successfully upgraded to version 5.1 and moved to the Agency servers.
20/06/2015CSI 2014 data form available
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