Latest investigations

16/08/2015Trains collision, 16-08-15, Acsa-Erdokürt - Nógrádkövesd (Hungary)
11/08/2015Spad, 11-08-15, Nagykanizsa station (Hungary)
11/08/2015Fire in RS, 11-08-15, Banita - Merisor (Romania)
09/08/2015Spad, 09-08-15, Kapolnasnyek station (Hungary)
09/08/2015Trains collision, 09-08-15, Plovdiv station (Bulgaria)

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Trains collision, 16-08-15, Acsa-Erdőkürt - Nógrádkövesd (Hungary)Trains collision, 04-08-15, Horažďovice předměstí (Czech Republic)Train derailment, 28-07-15, Komarom station (Hungary)Train derailment, 27-07-15, Between Zahony and Mandok station (Hungary)Level crossing accident, 23-07-15, Csorna station (Hungary)Level crossing accident, 22-07-15, Studénka (Czech Republic)Trains collision with an obstacle, 14-07-15, Praha Masarykovo nádraží station (Czech Republic)Level crossing event, 10-07-15, Švogari (Croatia)Train derailment, 2015.07.07., Kecskemét (Hungary)Fire in RS, 2015.06.29., Nagyigmánd-Bábolna (Hungary)

New recommendations

Issued onTitle
19/08/20152015-S23 Guidelines on the use of level crossings in exceptional circumstances
19/08/20152015-S24 Use of seatbelts in tractors
19/08/20152015-S25 Instructions for engine drivers in the event of an imminent collision
10/08/20152015/S14 Automatic activation of the ATP engine device
10/08/20152015/S15 Alarm in the cabin that warns when the ATP engine device is not operating


22/07/2015System upgrade and transfer to the Agency servers
On 22/07/2015 the ERAIL production system was successfully upgraded to version 5.1 and moved to the Agency servers.
20/06/2015CSI 2014 data form available
Version 5.1 - 22/07/2015