Latest investigations

10/10/2014Spad, 10/10/2014, Schaerbeek (Belgium)
09/10/2014Level crossing accident, 10/9/2014, LC at km 5+375 in the Volujak-Sofia inter-station section. (Bulgaria)
24/09/2014Train derailment, 24/09/2014, Diakovo - Halmeu border stations (Romania)
19/09/2014Level crossing accident, 19/09/2014, Valea Seaca (Romania)
18/09/2014Level crossing accident, 9/18/2014, Krapina (Croatia)

New recommendations

Issued onTitle
09/10/2014Drainage effectiveness.
09/10/2014Management of cyclic top defects.
09/10/2014Repair effectiveness.
09/10/2014Effective repair of vertical track geometry faults.
09/10/2014Vehicle dynamic behaviour assessment.


05/08/2014CSI 2013 data form available
12/07/2013Upgrade of the system
12/07/2012Launch of the ERAIL investigation reporting part
Version 3.0 - 12/07/2013