Latest investigations

14/09/2014Train derailment, 14.9.2014, Open line between Chotovice - Prevysov stations (Czech Republic)
07/09/2014Train derailment, 07.09.2014, Constanta Marfuri station (Romania)
07/09/2014Accident to persons caused by RS in motion, 2014.09.07., Riga, Latvijas Republika (Latvia)
05/09/2014Train derailment, 05.09.2014, Popesti Valcea - Babeni stations (Romania)
04/09/2014Fire in RS, 04/09/2014, Varaždin (Croatia)

New recommendations

Issued onTitle
14/08/2014Reduction of risk
14/08/2014Slope steepness
14/08/2014Behaviour of passengers with wheel- or push-chairs.
14/08/2014Capture of information of roll-off events
08/08/2014Überprüfung, ob mit einem im Regelwerk vorgegebenen Wortlaut wie z. B „BETRIEBSGEFAHR, ...“ alle ...


05/08/2014CSI 2013 data form available
12/07/2013Upgrade of the system
12/07/2012Launch of the ERAIL investigation reporting part
Version 3.0 - 12/07/2013