Latest investigations

19/02/2015Unauthorised train movement other than SPAD, 2/19/2015, Vratimov, control station; Siding of company AWT, a. s. (Czech Republic)
17/02/2015Broken wheels or axles, 17.02.2015, Dragasani (Romania)
14/02/2015Train derailment, 14.02.2015, Copaceni - Popesti Valcea (Romania)
09/02/2015Train derailment, 2/9/2015, Grytå bridge, between Haugastøl and Tunga station on the Bergen line (Norway)
09/02/2015Trains collision with an obstacle, 2/9/2015, Dovrebanen Trondheim station (Norway)

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Trains collision with an obstacle, 2/9/2015, Dovrebanen Trondheim station (Norway)Train derailment, 2/9/2015, Grytå bridge, between Haugastøl and Tunga station on the Bergen line (Norway)Level crossing event, 06/02/2015, Kokemäki, Isotalo level crossing, Kokemäki Pori section of line (Finland)Train derailment, 2/1/2015, Stryama station (Bulgaria)Train derailment, 1/19/2015, Budapest, Lehel tér (Hungary)Train derailment, 2015.01.16., Szolnok-Rendező (Hungary)Train derailment, 30/12/2014, Budapest, Móricz Zsigmond körtér (Hungary)Train derailment, 22/12/2014, Budapest, Gubacsi út (Hungary)Spad, 2014.12.16., Budapest, Rákosrendező station (Hungary)Train derailment, 21/11/2014, Ostrava hl. n. (Czech Republic)

New recommendations

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03/03/2015Title 1
19/01/2015Safety recommendation JB no 2015/02T
24/12/2014When a train driver passes the final permissive signal at danger separating them from the train in front, and they continue in running at sight in a section occupied by another train, no technical measure takes over to assist the driver: • with the exception of the tail light, there is no signalling element guaranteeing the space between trains, to avoid catching up. • no contact is foreseen in the infrastructure manager’s regulations between the signal box and the driver: the signal box has no view of the automatic signals.
24/12/2014The service life of a lamp is 2 years. It is equipped with a main battery with a service life of 2600 hours and a back-up battery with a life of 50 hours. Estimating the service life of the battery by counting service hours is difficult: the power switch is only automatically switched on and the lamp illuminated when the lamp is slid into the lamp bracket on the rear wagon of the train. Using the lamp's testing button, it is possible to check that it works using the back-up battery. This check is made in theory before using the lamp, but this operation is not recorded.
24/12/2014During its investigation, the IB checked the placement of a lamp on different types of wagons operating on the Belgian railway network. The problems of compatibility have been raised: the lamp does not lock sufficiently into the support on certain types of wagons: • it is not sufficiently held in and could therefore fall out; • he on switch is not activated. This situation seems to be known to agents on the ground, who have adapted their working methods: they mitigate the problem of support by forcing the lamp into the bracket with the help of a hammer, without being able to resolve the problem with switching on. These incompatibilities and the deviation of working methods have not been transmitted to the management of the railway undertaking.


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