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Latest investigations

24/01/2015Fire in RS, 1/24/2015, Suncuius (Romania)
19/01/2015Train derailment, 1/19/2015, Budapest, Lehel tér (Hungary)
17/01/2015Fire in RS, 1/17/2015, Channel tunnel; running tunnel north; interval 4 (Channel Tunnel*)
12/01/2015Level crossing event, 1/12/2015, Kupinec (Croatia)
11/01/2015Trains collision with an obstacle, 1/11/2015, open line between Rozna - Nedvedice stations (Czech Republic)

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Train derailment, 1/19/2015, Budapest, Lehel tér (Hungary)Train derailment, 30/12/2014, Budapest, Móricz Zsigmond körtér (Hungary)Train derailment, 22/12/2014, Budapest, Gubacsi út (Hungary)Spad, 2014.12.16., Budapest, Rákosrendező station (Hungary)Train derailment, 21/11/2014, Ostrava hl. n. (Czech Republic)Level crossing accident, 11/11/2014, Bátaszék  (Hungary)Trains collision with an obstacle, 11/11/2014, Intersection between Munkedamsveien and Cort Adelers street in Oslo (Norway)Broken axles, 2014.11.04., Dombóvár (Hungary)Train derailment, 03/11/2014, Eidsvoll station, Dovrebanen (Norway)Train derailment, 2014.10.21., Ostffyasszonyfa (Hungary)

New recommendations

Issued onTitle
19/01/2015Safety recommendation JB no 2015/02T
22/12/2014Train derailment, 11.7.2014., Novi Marof - Budinšcina (Croatia)
22/12/2014  Taking in account those specified in Chapter C.8. Additional observations, the investigation ...
18/12/2014Organize Railway maintenance
18/12/2014Knowledge sharing


05/08/2014CSI 2013 data form available
12/07/2012Launch of the ERAIL investigation reporting part
02/12/2011Fewer accidents on EU railways in 2010
The European Railway Agency has published the EU railway safety data for 2010. Since data were first collected in the EU in 2006, the year 2010 can be seen as the safest on EU railways.
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