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24/03/2015Level crossing accident, 3/24/2015, Obratan, Ceská republika (Czech Republic)
18/03/2015Railway vehicle movement events, 18.3.2015, Hyvinkää, Helsinki Riihimäki section of line (Finland)
12/03/2015Railway vehicle movement events, 12.3.2015, Oulunkylä, Helsinki Riihimäki section of line (Finland)
10/03/2015Trains collision, 10/03/2015, Alna and Nyland station on the Hovedbanen line (Norway)
06/03/2015Spad, 3/6/2015, Tilburg (The Netherlands)

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Level crossing accident, 3/24/2015, Obrataň, Česká republika (Czech Republic)Trains collision, 10/03/2015, Alna and Nyland station on the Hovedbanen line (Norway)Trains collision with an obstacle, 2/9/2015, Dovrebanen Trondheim station (Norway)Train derailment, 2/9/2015, Grytå bridge, between Haugastøl and Tunga station on the Bergen line (Norway)Level crossing event, 06/02/2015, Kokemäki, Isotalo level crossing, Kokemäki Pori section of line (Finland)Train derailment, 2/1/2015, Stryama station (Bulgaria)Train derailment, 1/19/2015, Budapest, Lehel tér (Hungary)Train derailment, 2015.01.16., Szolnok-Rendező (Hungary)Train derailment, 30/12/2014, Budapest, Móricz Zsigmond körtér (Hungary)Train derailment, 22/12/2014, Budapest, Gubacsi út (Hungary)

New recommendations

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03/03/2015Title 1
20/01/2015 1. The development of an regulatory framework for the draisines reffering to: - types of ...
20/01/2015  2. The revision of the Technical Specification for the inspection of the draisine car DC 135 L by ...
19/01/2015Safety recommendation JB no 2015/02T
24/12/2014When a train driver passes the final permissive signal at danger separating them from the train in front, and they continue in running at sight in a section occupied by another train, no technical measure takes over to assist the driver: • with the exception of the tail light, there is no signalling element guaranteeing the space between trains, to avoid catching up. • no contact is foreseen in the infrastructure manager’s regulations between the signal box and the driver: the signal box has no view of the automatic signals.


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