Latest investigations

27/04/2015Fire in RS, 27.04.2015, Tulcea Marfuri (Romania)
21/04/2015Train derailment, 21.04.2015, Goslar (Germany)
20/04/2015Train derailment, 2015.04.20., Pécel (Hungary)
19/04/2015Train derailment, 19.04.2015, Oldenburg (Oldb) (Germany)
17/04/2015Level crossing near miss, 17-04-2015, Level crossing 106,202 - Oeste (Portugal)

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Train derailment, 2015.04.20., Pécel (Hungary)Train derailment, 2015.04.08., Nogradszakal station (Hungary)Trains collision with an obstacle, 2015.04.05., Budapest Keleti (Hungary)Trains collision, 3/28/2015, between stations Žernoseky and Litoměřice dolní nádraží (Czech Republic)Level crossing accident, 3/24/2015, Obrataň, Česká republika (Czech Republic)Trains collision, 10/03/2015, Alna and Nyland station on the Hovedbanen line (Norway)Level crossing accident, 2/27/2015, Kosovo (Croatia)Trains collision with an obstacle, 2/9/2015, Dovrebanen Trondheim station (Norway)Train derailment, 2/9/2015, Grytå bridge, between Haugastøl and Tunga station on the Bergen line (Norway)Level crossing event, 06/02/2015, Kokemäki, Isotalo level crossing, Kokemäki Pori section of line (Finland)

New recommendations

Issued onTitle
02/04/2015Disseminate lessons learnt to industry
02/04/2015Onr requirement for UTXs


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